Private Lessons

If you would like to receive information from a lesson teacher, talk to a director to receive a Private Lesson Interest Packet!

What are Private Lessons and why should my student take them?
The private lesson program is an opportunity for your student to study individually with an expert on their instrument. All students are encouraged to take private lessons, regardless of their level of playing.

Misconception #1: "Private lessons are only for kids who are falling behind in class."
Truth: Private Lessons are designed to meet students at all playing levels.

Misconception #2: "We will wait to see if my child likes the instrument before we look into Private Lessons."
Truth: Most students who are in lessons will most likely continue on the instrument.‚Äč

Private lessons are optional and cost $22.00 per lesson, once a week. Lesson schedules are set up by our private lesson staff for their individual studios. Scholarship opportunities are available for students in need of financial assistance. Students must meet specific criteria and fill out a private lesson scholarship request form. Forms can be obtained from a director. The goal of the Field Band staff is that any student with the desire to be in private lessons should have the opportunity to do so!

Private Lesson Staff


Chris Cox

Clarinet & Saxophone

Justin Sales




Robert Harter


Ben Foster


Jaden Berry

Trombone, Euphonium & Tuba

Stacy Haag


Jeromy Bailey